This workshop is a modification of an old fairy tale: an access to abundance, well-being and of course also money.

"Expect the best"

Hawaiian principle

This e-mail-workshop offers ideas and suggestions about your possibility to create your own money-life. We will have a look into your personal background and individual life experiences and create a space for something new. A space in which money and abundance can be seen from a different, easier and happier point of view.

An advantage of an online-workshop is that you can work wherever it fits for you: at home, in the office, on the balcony or travelling… and this at any time you choose for yourself.

Create your relationship to money in joy and easiness as well. Dinerella guides the way: giving and receiving in abundance.

Catch a star!

Does Dinerella make rich?

First of all she make people aware that they are already rich. Rich with talents, ideas, networks, and possibilities to attract money into their life as well.

Do you want to have a more relaxed relationship with money?

How does this awareness process happen?

With an e-mail-workshop, that can open up new ways for a new connection to money. Ideas, suggestions, exercises and guided journeys bring new clarity and more abundance.

Do you want to leave the role of the victim and move to more abundance and wealth on all levels?


You are very welcome to participate: 

Dinerella standard

Participate in the Dinerella workshop and every fourth day after the start, you will receive a further part of a total of 15 workshop units with numerous ideas, suggestions and background information about money and abundance in a graphically designed pdf-form.

Special bonus: download five guided journeys into yourself, which focus directly on your subconscious patterns and enable you to change your deep patterns easily.

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Dinerella premium

Receive the Dinerella workshop with guided journeys and 1 h personal coaching with Eva Guetlinger (date and venue in agreement – also possible via Skype). Coaching enables you to take a closer look at a topic that comes up during the workshop and make your relationship with money even more relaxed.

An upgrade from Dinerella standard to premium is possible at any time - also during the workshop!

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approx. $ 88,-/£ 54,-


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